Why is branding so important for any business?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Everyday is a competition in the world of business and brand. Why is it so important? Success within business can often be interwoven with the success of the brand….after all it’s influencing your consumers!

I network quite often, and it astonishes me how inconsistent people are with their business and branding. You’ll be poised ready with your elevator pitch, resisting the temptation to go busy yourself with the bottled water and packets of biscuits on offer, awaiting someone to come over and break the ice. Suddenly, you’re approached by a three-piece suited wealth advisor delivering a well scripted pitch and thrusting a business card in your hand before gliding elegantly away into the distance toward their next target.

One problem; when I take a look at the business card, instead of journeying to a room at the Ritz, I experience the delights that Basil Fawlty has to offer. All the hard work that business owner has put into his appearance and his delivery has instantly been washed away because they opted for economy printing.

It might seem insignificant, but these inconsistencies are the wrecking balls wreaking havoc and bringing your brand down from the inside, and, as we know, this will reflect not only on you, but on yours business too. It goes hand in hand with the classic saying ‘if you can talk the talk, you must be able to walk the walk’.

It rarely happens but I was suitably impressed the other day. Not many people analyse branding. That’s not what its designed for, great branding sits there quietly in the background working hard on your behalf.

I was busy driving (even then we are bombarded by brands… from billboards, to signage, but ultimately by other vehicles. What makes me laugh about this is that car brands rarely retain the image they set out to convey, instead they are shaped by the drivers…If you ever see me in person I’ll be happy to comment further but to be as inclusive as possible I’ll leave it there for now). Anyway… I drove past a billboard that immediately set my brain into analysis mode:

Why did I find this so fascinating?

There is no name, no logo, nothing in sight. Just plain and simple: Muffin, Egg, Sausage, Cheese, Muffin. With absolutely no indication whatsoever we still recognise the brand instantly.

McDonalds have themselves in such a strong position with their brand they don’t need to tell you who the ad is for. Their product (even though probably not the healthiest) is a huge player in their brand. How? You can walk into any McDonalds in the UK and get the same food, that looks the same, tastes the same, and served the same as every other McDonalds in the UK.

This is precisely why branding is so important. It has power that few of us can hope to achieve. This simple psychology plays a significant role in influencing those with purchasing power.

Don’t let the small inconsistencies and small details destroy what you work so hard to achieve. Branding is important, so important it can dictate your success. Don’t let the smallest details become your biggest headaches and get in touch today.