There is no hero coming to save us; we need to be our own. (18+)

As a creative person I pride myself on being able to communicate effectively through various means, be that through copy, conversationally, and indeed visually.

A few days ago I participated in a One Minute Brief which focused around the flushing of plastics... and ultimately these making their way into our oceans. This brought me back to a project which I finished in September 2019 but never released.

Now being in such circumstance where the world is experiencing one of it's worst moments it is absolutely inspiring to see communities come together. Now more than ever when we return to whatever version becomes our new normality I live in hope that this community spirit will remain.

It is our responsibility, and our duty, now more so than ever to wake up, protect our futures and protect our planet, because, we do not know what lies around the corner. That duty lies with each and every single person, and each and every single country. Now is the time to become a global community.

There is no hero coming to save us, in a world filled with superheroes the reality is we need to be our own. The following images were created digitally, please be aware that some observers may find some images distressing. The images were created to push people into recognising global problems which are frequently ignored, and to recognise the fact that there are no real life superheroes, no one will come and save the day, and that we MUST make a change.