As Seen on ITV: One Minute Brief of the Day 01/04/2020

One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to encourage people around the world to maintain #SocialDistancing. Brief ran in partnership with @ITVPeston & @LoveYourNHS

Following all of our powerful One Minute Briefs lately, we are today collaborating with ITV’s Peston for a subject we’ve not yet covered. It’s important that everyone is staying home where possible, but if you are out when shopping or exercising it is vital to maintain #SocialDistancing.

So today we’re looking for fun, positive and creative scribbles, headlines, notes, designs, sketches and more to encourage people to stay at least 2 metres apart from anyone they encounter whilst outdoors.

The official scientific advice isn’t cutting through with younger audiences, and the UN has also recently issued a call for creatives around the world to mobilise and turn public health messages into work that people will engage with. And we’re responding to that call today. We hope all the OMBLES will join us!

Proud to say this was chosen as one of four from over 400 entries to be shown live on ITV!