Digital Business Card

Your Smart Business Card is linked directly to your Digital Business Card.

We programme your Digital Business Card with the links requested on the registration form; this is what makes it smart! We can link to your website, email, social media platforms, we can even set a link that allows download of your contact details directly to phone book!

One of the biggest advantages of a Digital Business Card is you retain the power to change any detail at any time! Simply contact us with your UCI and let us know what you'd like changing, no additional costs, no re-print costs, no headache.

Fancy a change? If you think it's time for a re-design why not check out our services section and get in touch.


Data Storage

Your Digital Business Card is stored on our cloud drive hosted by Google.

Only the information you have authorised us to share will ever be uploaded such as the details within your business card.

We link your digital business card with a V-Card which allows users to download your business contact information directly to their phone book.

If at any point you wish for your information to be removed, or your Smart products to be disabled please use the Lost/Stolen form using your UCI.

Your details are not listed publicly and can only be accessed using the Shareable Link (which is stored on the drive), the QR Code, and the NFC on your Smart Business Card.

We will never share any of your details; for more information please see our Privacy Policy.

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