What is a brand?

Loosely, a brand is the name given to a carefully crafted strategy that carries the ability to influence perception.

What is branding?

Branding is all the components that are strategically put together to ultimately create a brand. Each and every aspect of what you do within your branding will come together and create your brand.

Why is it important?

People don't buy a brand, they join them!

Understanding is the very first component of building a brand, why not explore more on the subject in our Branding Blog.

Branding is often seen as a dark art, and there are almost as many definitions of how it should be done as there are brands themselves.

But that’s somewhat inevitable: every brand exists in a different setting, stands for different things. Has different priorities or visual requirements. That’s why we’re big believers in developing close relationships with our clients. We follow a simple, flexible methodology to assist you in facing the challenges and barriers, the truths and objectives, the values and voice that lie at the heart of your business.

With Exploited Crayon you will be guided through every aspect of the branding process, from finding and honing your unique voice to establishing a visual identity, and capturing that identity in handy guidelines. We’ll then nurture it and tweak it where necessary, so it can establish itself in the marketplace and give you the credible, versatile face that you need.

Our Process

Each project is as individual as each business. Our approach ensures each and every project is tailored to your needs. We work closely with each client to ensure our process becomes a journey of success.


Whether you prefer a telephone conversation, a Zoom, or a traditional get together let us know when to give you a call so we can book your FREE CONSULTATION!

(please note face to face consultations include free cake)

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