🕵 Who am I?
Born in Wales. Welsh speaking creative often found winding up my Beagle: Moana*. Approachable, personable, quality driven with a keen sense of playfulness.
💻 Experience
Having enjoyed a successful career in operational excellence, business development and customer service, I wanted to focus my skills, passion, talent and creativity into a project that could help others take their business and brand to another level, and so Exploited Crayon was born! I have worked with all sizes of businesses on all manners of projects... the rest is history!
moana painting.jpeg


The Name

Bearing in mind the need for a catchy and memorable name I wanted to consider the most fundamental aspect of design: I wanted the name to reflect the roots of the early experiences we have with creativity.
Thinking back to childhood I can remember nothing more than taking great pleasure in meticulously choosing a crayon (with unfortunate effect if the correct colour was unavailable) and scribbling away to my hearts content.
There we have it; one of the earliest implements we encounter when it comes to creative output, and, as we develop and define our skills through to adulthood, all we are fundamentally doing is using/exploiting our experiences as a child but in a more refined technique: Ergo; Exploited Crayon.
The mission is not to deliver what you want, but what you never dreamed was possible. Creating what you recognise as something you needed all along: Exploited Crayon, breaking boundaries for your brand.

Samuel Challen, Founder of Exploited Crayon


One of my biggest frustrations is poor design. The biggest contributor to this is affordability.


Although the biggest brands in the world have invested in great graphic design, that doesn’t mean good design is out of reach for small businesses. The truth is good design can often be found at great value. Sure, Pepsi spent $1 million on its logo redesign. But Nike’s famous swoosh cost just $35 back in the early 1970s.

I founded Exploited Crayon for exactly that. I want great design to be accessible to all. From individuals, big businesses, small businesses, and sole traders: quality design should be a realisation no matter what the budget.

Enough about Exploited Crayon. It's time to let us become a part of your journey